L'Elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love)

About L'Elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love)

The Elixir of Love tells the story of a magic love potion and the destiny of a love triangle involving a lovable bumpkin, a dashing sergeant and the bewitching town flirt. Filled with light-hearted charm and bursting with feel-good laughs, The Elixir of Love features effervescent Italian melodies that you'll be singing all the way home.

L’Elisir was last performed at OperaDelaware in 1979 - at that time, the role of Nemorino was a calling card for the great Luciano Pavarotti.  This year, we bring you William Davenport - a tenor destined for great things, who is routinely compared to the late great Pavarotti. 

  “...William Davenport unleashed a tenor voice that has made great strides since his successful Philadelphia debut in Tales of Hoffman in 2011, when I commented that he showed “innocence and lyricism.” Now he is coming to resemble the freedom and power of Luciano Pavarotti, whether your eyes are open or shut.”        - Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review

Sharin Apostolou sings the role of Adina, Metropolitan Opera Baritone Trevor Scheunemann sings Belcore, and basso-buffo Stephen Eisenhard will delight us with the quack Dr. Dulcamara.  Maestro Jerome Shannonconducts, and Dean Anthony will direct this production - with gorgeous traditional sets and costumes from the Sarasota Opera.  The Elixir is the cure for what ails you!  Performances are October 11 at 8pm and October 13 at 2pm

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Performances take Place at The Grand, 818 N Market Street, Wilmington Delaware.
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The Story

Act I.

Elixir of Love

Synopsis: the action takes place during a single day in a small Basque village.  Nemorino, a poor farmhand, has fallen in love with the lovely and wealthy Adina.  She, being fickle and capricious, has rejected him.

 Act I

Scene 1.  In the noonday sun, Giannetta and her fellow peasant workers rest in the shade.  Nemorino laments that he has nothing but love to offer Adina. 

The peasants urge Adina to read to them.  She reads from the story of Tristan who has won the heart of Isolde by drinking a magic love potion.

The swaggering Sergeant Belcore, a local recruiting officer, enters with his troops and woos Adina.  Adina, amused by Belcore’s advances and exasperated by Nemorino’s immature protestations, dismisses Nemorino to care for his rich ailing uncle.

Scene 2. Dr. Dulcamara, a quack physician, arrives in the market place.  He claims his medicine will cure anything and the peasants eagerly buy.  Nemorino asks if he sells the elixir of love described in Adina’s book.  Readily producing a bottle of Bordeaux, Dulcamara convinces the youth that this is indeed the elixir of love and Nemorino buys it with his last twenty lire.

Adina enters to find Nemorino tipsy.  Certain that he will win Adina’s love in twenty-four hours, he pretends indifference to her.  To punish Nemorino, Adina flirts with Belcore who persuades her to marry him that day.  Nemorino begs Adina to wait one more day but she ignore him and invited everyone to her pre-wedding party.  The peasants taunt Nemorino and he leaves.

Act II.

Act II

Scene 1.  The party is in progress.  Dulcamara and Adina celebrate by singing a barcarole.  When the Notary arrives, the witnesses move to the adjoining room to witness the signing of the marriage contract.

 Nemorino pleads with Dulcamara for another bottle of elixir and is refused because he has no money.  Belcore, annoyed that the ceremony has been postponed, convinces Nemorino to join his garrison by giving him twenty lire for enlisting.  Both are elated: Belcore, for recruiting his rival and Nemorino for acquiring the cost of another dose of elixir.

 Scene 2.  It is early evening in the market place.  Giannetta tells the peasant girls that Nemorino’s uncle has died and willed him a fortune.  Nemorino, again affected by wine, enters and is besieged by the girls.  Unaware of his inheritance, he believes that the elixir has finally take effect.  Adina arrives with Dulcamara  in time to see Nemorino surrounded by the village girls.  Adina explains ot Dulcamara that she will win Nemorino back.

 In a monologue, Nemorino sings of a tear he has seen on Adina’s cheek.  Adina confronts Nemorino and confesses she loves him and has purchased back his enlistment papers.

Belcore finds the lovers embracing and accepts the situation.  Dulcamara, attributing Nemorino’s change in fortune to his elixir, peddles more potions and quickly escapes.

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